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Five Best Anti-Snore Pillows to Help You Get Sounder Sleep

Five Best Anti-Snore Pillows to Help You Get Sounder Sleep

They say silence is golden, well if that’s true these anti-snore pillows are worth their weight in gold. No pillow is ever going to cure snoring, but many seem to have a significant positive impact, usually by promoting sleeping positions that keep the airways open. We tested a wide range of pillows that claim to reduce the volume and frequency of snoring, here are our top five:

Head2Sleep Anti-Snore Support Pillow – Best Value

Our winner is the Head2Sleep Anti-snore pillow. This pillow wasn’t only one of the best for reducing snoring it was also the lowest price of all the pillows we tested, starting from only £11.  It did take a little getting used to, as the S-shaped foam core gives an unusual feel for the first couple of nights, however, both recordings and long-suffering partners both confirmed a big reduction in snoring.  The hollow fibre filling around the foam core does offer nice comfort and the medium, firm support is perfect for side and back sleepers.

Silentnight Anti-Snore Pillow – Best Scientifically Tested

A very close second place goes to the Silentnight Anti-snore pillow.  This pillow has been tested by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association which found it reduced snoring frequency and volume by 50%.  The shaped core and hollow fibre filling encourage a sleeping position that opens the airways to minimise snoring. Online reviews suggest a mixed bag of results however with more sleepers seeing a genuine improvement than not, we think it’s certainly worth a try.  And from only £15 it isn’t going to break the bank either.

Seriously Comfortable Ergo Comfort Pillow – Best for Snoring and Pain Relief

Third place goes to a more expensive pillow, but one that does much more than just reduce snoring. The Ergo Comfort pillow, from the up-and-coming brand Seriously Comfortable, is shaped like a butterfly with Ergonomic support channels for your head and neck as well as cleverly shaped channels for those who sleep with their arm under the pillow.  Next-generation memory foam adapts to your head and neck and when sleeping on your back or side it reduces snoring noticeably.  Best of all, this pillow is proven to eliminate 100% of pressure hot spots so is perfect for anyone with neck, upper back or shoulder pains. Normally £89 each they are certainly pricier than pure anti-snore pillows but currently, they are under £45 each when you buy 4 which seems like an absolute steal.

Head2Sleep Duo Feel Neck Support Pillow – Best for Snorers with Different Sleeping Positions

A fourth place for the second Head2Sleep entry – the Duo Feel Neck Support pillow has two different feels and comfort levels coupled with a memory foam neck support bolster that is perfect for back sleepers. This pillow is ideal for those who change position frequently during the night as one side is for back and side sleepers while the other is great for front sleepers. The neck support bolster doesn’t just ease pressure and reduce aches and pains, it also helps keep the airways open for back sleepers and we found it helped lower the volume of snoring. 

Seriously Comfortable Anatomic Comfort Pillow – Best for Hot Snorers

Taking the last spot in our top 5 is one of the World’s most popular shaped specialist pillow. The Anatomic pillow has long been a favourite with pain sufferers and snorers and the Seriously Comfortable Anatomic Comfort pillow is one of the best we have tried.  The wave shape and next-generation memory foam work in perfect harmony to reduce pressure on the head and neck and melt away aches and pains.  The wave shape also opens the airways of back sleepers to reduce snoring.  It also comes with a super cooling option too for anyone who sleeps hot.  It comes from as low as £44.50 when you buy 4 which is amazing value when compared to other Anatomic pillows that often cost £100+.

In summary, all the top 5 pillows helped reduce snoring levels amongst our testers.  The extra features and benefits may be worth investing in, especially if like half of the country you suffer from aches and pains. From just £11 an anti-snore pillow may be worth its weight in gold, but it certainly doesn’t have to cost it. 

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