About Us

Pillow World is Britain's leading pillow specialist and we understand the importance of your pillow on the quality of your sleep.

Our team have over 100 years combined experience and have helped build some of the UK's biggest home brands, from DFS to Dreams and Furniture Village to Carpetright.  Now we have focused our energies on Pillows.  We live and breathe pillows and are passionate about helping you find your perfect sleeping partners.

The pillow is the single most important item in your home. It cradles your head and neck, aligns your spine and makes sleep possible.

A great pillow will improve any mattress and improve your sleep. A poor pillow makes the best mattress uncomfortable and makes sleep nigh on impossible. 

We have all experienced the frustration and pain of a poor pillow, whether on holiday or staying at a friend’s. The anguish of pillow origami as you try to plump and fold your flattened excuse for a pillow into something remotely comfortable and supportive is something no one should have to go through. 

At Pillow World, we have studied pillows from around the globe, looking for the best of the best in every type of pillow. We have even designed and developed new pillows, creating sleep solutions specifically targeted at solving the most common sleep problems. 

We have pain relief pillows, cooling pillows, anti-snore pillows, anti-stress pillows, anti-allergy pillows, washable pillows, lavender pillows, memory foam pillows, luxury feather and down pillows, latex pillows, pillows for side sleepers, front sleepers, back sleepers and even for wrigglers who move around all night. We have ergonomic pillows, anatomic pillows, breathable pillows, soft and squishy pillows and firm, supportive pillows. Most importantly, we have the right ‘sleep better’ pillows for you. 

We have 1000's of pillows in stock for super fast delivery, because when you decide you need new pillows you wants them as soon as possible.

At Pillow World, we believe in great value 365 days a year too.  That’s why you won’t find any fake 50% off sales, we don’t do Black Friday, Green Tuesday or any other invented reason to pretend you’re getting a bargain.   

Instead, we offer amazing value all year round.  You’ll always find great multi-buy offers across the site that make you real savings when you buy two or more pillows. It’s simple, the more you buy, the more you save, because we think everyone deserves a great pillow.