What’s so special about Pillow World? 

Pillow World is the one-stop pillow shop.  We have created a wonderful collection of all types of pillows with influences from all around the world.  We have great value 52 weeks of the year (no fake sales) and we offer extra value when you buy 2 or more of any pillow.  Plus, we have made finding your perfect pillow easy.  We have used our 100+ years of experience to build the Pillow World pillow selector, with just a few clicks you can find the best pillow to match your needs. 

What are the different types of pillows? 

There are literally thousands of different types of pillows available but many are just versions of each other.  We have carefully selected the best of the best in each area to bring you a curated choice that is easy to shop. Our types include pain relief pillows, cooling pillows, anti-allergy pillows, anti-snore pillows, anti-stress pillows, scented pillows, memory foam pillows, luxury feather and down pillows and many, many more.  

How can a good pillow improve my sleep quality? 

Pound for pound a good pillow is the best value way of improving your sleep.  We have all played late-night pillow origami trying to fold rubbish pillows into something that can support your head. We all know how bad we sleep with bad pillows, even on a great mattress.  A good pillow can help with not just your sleep, but also your health and well-being.  Whether that be an anti-allergy pillow, an anti-stress pillow or an ergonomic pain relief pillow, you can make a real impact on your quality of life as well as your quality of sleep.