Head2Sleep Lavender Pillow

From ONLY £15.00

Drift off into blissful sleep with this calming lavender scented pillow.
  • Amazing microcapsule technology for long-lasting lavender scent
  • Calming comfort to help you sleep deeper
  • Hollow fibre filling and soft touch microfibre cover
  • Simply rub the cover to boost the scent
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Product Description

Surround yourself in the embrace of millions of microscopic lavender bubbles that release their calming scent on contact, giving you a sense of calm and comfort every night. The lavender scent works to gently relax you and help you drift into a deep and restful sleep. The pillow has a subtle scent, but if you wish to boost the lavender aroma simply rub the pillow cover before bed for a few hours of more intense lavender. The luxuriously soft, microfibre cover is filled with supportive hollow fibre. Hypoallergenic and machine washable so no need to worry about keeping your pillow fresh either.

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