Why Pillow World?

At Pillow World, pillows aren’t just an afterthought they are our complete focus, our passion, and the reason we get up (so happy) in the morning. 

We know that your pillow is the most important item you own – a great one makes any mattress more comfortable, and a poor one makes sleep almost impossible. 

We spend all our time developing, testing, and sourcing the very best pillows from around the world.  We have sought inspiration from as far as Australia, Japan and North America and as close to home as Rome, Paris, Manchester and London.   

All that travel, and all those nights in hotels, has led to many a night playing pillow origami – the ancient art of folding rubbish pillows into something that may just support our heads long enough to get some sleep.  We believe everyone deserves a great night’s sleep and that a great night’s sleep starts with your pillow. 

We love solutions too – we have spent a huge amount of time finding and designing products that address the major problems associated with poor sleep.  Whether you have aches and pains or you're sleeping hot, we have a pillow to help. Whether you have allergies that keep you up at night, or snoring that keeps the whole street awake, we have a pillow to help.   

You can search our great range of pillows by sleep problem, just pick your problem and hey presto, all the products created to help are in front of your eyes in an instant. 

Our team has decades of experience in creating comfort solutions all around the world and now, together we are focused solely on bringing you the best pillows anywhere and if you want more help finding the right one, we are even on the phone for you 24/7 with help and advice.